Our Story
Founded in 2019, Futura Farms is located in the rural municipality of St. Andrews, Manitoba — 25 minutes north of Winnipeg. Owned and operated by Carl Durand, Futura Farms is 37 acres in total and includes a six acre fenced in area where the majority of trees and shrubs are grown. Some of our deer resistant crops such as rhubarb and raspberries are grown outside the fenced area.

Futura Farms was developed to serve three separate needs. The first is to grow prairie fruit crops to supply the ever-growing Manitoba food and drink market. The second is for large scale growing and collection of seeds to supply wholesale tree nurseries. Finally, in conjunction with Bylands Nurseries and Prairie Shade Consulting, we are testing new species of prairie-hardy trees and shrubs for future market introduction.

We also own and are preserving six acres of a 47-acre old growth aspen–oak parkland forest located at the west end of our property. We have plans to expand the forest through restorative tree plantings in the future.

All aspects of the farm have been developed with environmental impacts in mind. Our fruit crops are 100% spray free. Our long term goal is to reduce our carbon emissions to near zero through full electrification of all current machinery.

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