We collect it, you grow it!
Futura Farms has over one acre dedicated to growing trees and shrubs specifically for wholesale seed collection. We also collect seed from a variety a sites across southern Manitoba. We are proud to clean and package all our seeds on site. Species we collect include:

  • Manitoba (Boxelder) Maple — Acer negundo
  • Ohio Buckeye — Aesculus glabra
  • Paper Birch — Betula papyrifera
  • Russian Olive — Elaeagnus angustifolia
  • Green Ash — Fraxinus pennsylvanica
  • Dolgo Crabapple — Malus
  • Bur Oak — Quercus macrocarpa
  • Ussarian Pear — Pyrus ussuriensis
  • Japanese Tree Lilac — Syringa reticulata
  • Little Leaf Linden — Tilia cordata
For a complete listing including prices, please request an order form HERE.
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