Got Prairie Fruit?
As our orchards mature, our list of fruit options will continue to grow. All of our fruit is 100% spray free and will be available fresh or frozen. And yes, we know that rhubarb is a veggie, but at Futura Farms we consider it an honorary fruit! Here is what we grow:

  • Boyne and Souris raspberries (available 2021)
  • Nanking cherries (available 2021)
  • German wine rhubarb (available 2021)
  • Dwarf sour cherries (expected 2024)
  • Kerr applecrab (expected 2024)
  • Tinkerbelle applecrab (expected 2024)
  • September ruby apple (expected 2024)
For a complete listing including prices, please request an order form HERE.
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